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An Awakened, Enlightened Life Is Within Reach


It is everybody's birth right to access their divine light of creation and limitless abundance, but it is a choice if this is taken. Taking this journey can be tough at times as we have to own our ‘stuff’, commit to ourselves to do something about that which holds us from being the best version of ourselves, break patterned habits, learn to catch negative thoughts, and reframe them as a positive affirmation to break these habits and change our narrative into one framed in the energy of love, gratitude, giving, kindness, and grace. 


Online Channelled Spiritual Guidance with Kathy 

Meet Kathy

International Author, channel, psychic, medium and energy healer.

As an intuitive and inter-dimensional channeller, my soul mission is to guide others on their earth path. I help them to understand the purpose of this life incarnation and give navigational support as they encounter obstacles and challenges.


I listen to angelic guidance, and their whispered messages are transmitted to me so that I can communicate them to my clients. I hold a sacred, professional, and confidential space within which the energy of healing is present.


My overall aim is to help others access universal source wisdom, such that they can awaken, become enlightened and ascend into other dimensions.


Each client is unique. No one is the same. My professionalism and experience allow me to tailor my sessions to the individual so that they feel heard and understood. Active listening allows me to be fully present.


I invite you to step over a threshold and open a door towards my hermitage where the Angelic Whisperer resides.


Hear what Charlie Carrel has to say about one of his channelled spiritual sessions

Read what Lynn from Canada has said about her channelled spiritual session

My session with Kathy was absolutely unbelievable.  I cried at the information that came through because it was so profound.  With the help of her guides and angels, Kathy was able to get to the heart of the matter and give me clear information about why I went through such a dark time over the last 11 years.  She shared a lot of insight and knowledge with me and it helped me move forward in my life with renewed faith and confidence in my abilities.   She has such an amazing gift, is a humble soul, and has a great sense of humour.  Kathy is the most gifted Medium I have ever met and I just can’t say enough good things about her.  Lynn from Canada

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The Journey Towards Enlightenment Starts with Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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