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IThe Butterfly Pathway Group Workshop


The Pathway to Access your Spiritual Gifts and to connect you firmly to your souls delights


Be enlightened flow with life


This pathway is for people who wish to discover their spiritual gifts and would like to know how to work safely with them.T


he Spiritual Meaning of the Butterfly is:

  • Personal Transformation of your personality and life

  • Moving from one stage in your life to the next - rebirthing

  • Letting go and becoming light and playful

  • Rising above things that bring you down

  • Connecting to the inner you, your soul

  • Loving who you are


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This pathway works best when run as a group, for it allows you to work with others to develop your spiritual gifts. This is a very interactive workshop.e basics of working psychically. 


Getting Started


Aim: This course is for people who wish to start to connect to the Universal Beings.


With the guidance of the angels, Kathy will show you how to work ground, cleanse and work with protections.  This will help you to develop your gifts safely and also to keep your feet on the ground.


To know how to open to work and close down when finished.  This shows you how to work psychically but when you want to.


She will help you understand the different ways we can receive spiritual guidance and guide you to understand how each person within the group works.  


This will help you know if you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, claiesentient or clair cogniscent and what this actualy means. This helps you understand you much better.


She will support you to connect to your guides. Which will help you gain confidence in your higher guidance. Help you understand the impact of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and how this affects us all on a daily basis.


Covering the basics

o    Grounding

o    Cleansing

Knowing your energy

o    Auras

o    Chakras

o    Intentions

Dimensions (this is different levels of our intuition) and how this

energy affects us and our ability to work psychically

Sensing energy

o    ourselves, physical, emotional and mental

o    others

Open and Closing - this is how you prepare to work psychically

Guides and connecting to your guide- everyone has one

The different vibrational realms of existence·      

Meditating and about healing


Following these sessiions you will have a better understanding of what being psychic really means; who your guide is; how your attitudes, energy and behaviours affect you on a daily basis and how to prepare to progress to working psychically.


Connecting With Spirit Course


Aim: Following on from these sessions you will then start to understand healing; how to make past life connections; to understand rescue work; to start to use automatic writing; to learn how to douse; to spend more time in visualisation and to start to connect more and more to spirit, through melding and through Orbs.

Recap from Getting Started course
To understand healing and how to work with this energy.
o    The Universal flow of energy
o    Auras and chakras from a healing perspective
o    The transparent body
o    Cause, effect and root cause
o    Past life connection
o    Attachments
o    Wounded healers – what this means and how to heal without giving all of yourself
Past lives
Automatic writing
Connecting to spirit
o    Using your energy to sense
o    Dousing to feel spirit
o    Melding
o    Trance

Using meditation and visualisation for self-development in the inner planes
Connecting to and working with Orbs


​At the end of this 6 week course you will have a better understanding of healing and how to work with this energy, connecting to past lives. connecting to spirit and how to connect and work with Orbs.





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©2013 Kathy Crosswell Rights reserved. Legal Disclaimer: Due to the laws governing demonstrations of Mediumship, Private Readings and other Spiritual Services, these are classified to be for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to, or will take the place of any Legal, Financial, Medical or any other Professional advice. By engaging in a Reading or other Spiritual Services you are agreeing to these terms and confirming that you are over the age of 18 years. This website contains information from higher beings with the intention for the greater good. It contains possibilities and guidance only and, in reading it, you accept that you have free will and do not have to follow any possibilities or guidance given. The use of the terminology healing or to heal means that I am a channel for the energy that the universal beings wish to share with you in that moment. I cannot and would not ever say I can heal another person but I am delighted to share the light energy with you.

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