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I am Kathleen, the Angelic Whisperer.


I am blessed with the ability to channel messages from the Universal Realms of Light, which enables me to work with individuals on their journeys of spiritual awakening, awareness, enlightenment, and ascension.


Through my connection to the Universal Beings of Light, I am able to receive personalised messages of guidance to help people become the best version of themself, enabling each individual to find their pathway in life and to walk it.

I am an intuitive channeller, healer, and psychic medium. I am an International Spiritual Author with books, translated into 22 different languages. I am a speaker, I write courses and deliver workshops and retreats. 

I love singing, dancing, swimming, walking, travelling, exploring, and learning about the richness and diversity of humanity.

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It is everybody's birthright to access their divine light of creation and limitless abundance, but it is a choice if this is taken. Taking this journey can be tough at times as we have to own our ‘stuff’, commit to ourselves to do something about that which holds us from being the best version of ourselves, break patterned habits, learn to catch negative thoughts, and reframe them as a positive affirmation to break these habits and change our narrative into one framed in the energy of love, gratitude, giving, kindness, and grace. 

Taking this personal journey of spiritual self-mastery will require dedication to oneself to become the best version of yourself. Understanding one's own energy, ego, the power of thought, and how it influences one's own reality is an important phase of this journey.

The personal journey of spiritual awakening opens the heart creating the confidence and peace to stand in one's own power and strengthens self-love. It will bring awareness to one's higher self, help to understand the importance of balance within the chakras and aura, help to develop and follow one's life path, and psychic skills, understand the relevance to past lives, connect to one's guardian angel and access support from the universal beings of light to help you become the master of your destiny.

Learning to use breathing exercises to bring calmness, reduce anxiety and anger, or energise the body and mind. or bring about a relaxing deep sleep is a wonderful technique to master. Grounding and protecting energy and understanding the power of the energy of gratitude will bring a closer connection to inner peace and happiness and help with the discipline of manifestation. Understanding the universal spiritual laws and how they enable life to flow is the key to the universe and how to navigate it successfully. 

Kathy can support this personal journey by connecting to the energy fields - the 'human bodies' (physical, emotional, mental) and the 'higher self'. This connection will highlight any areas that need to be tweaked to help to connect to one's intuition or to support the ongoing journey of enlightenment and ascension. Having a truly unique perspective of oneself is a blessing and a really great place to start. Also, having guidance on the steps to take, and tools and techniques to support this very personal journey is essential, and having that regular 'check-in' helps keep the momentum going to walk the path created for us.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 7769 317306

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