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Archangel Michael


Kathy and Scott have been asked to hold the frequency of 144 and Divine love throughout as Archangel Michael infuses their energy into this CD/MP3. This is so you are surrounded by love and held in the Divine frequency as you connect and align with these qualities.


Please find a comfortable place to sit or lay; relax and enjoy.


As you immerse yourself into the energy of Archangel Michael you are asked to accept his light into your chakras to fill you with confidence and strength. You are asked to align fully to your Divine Will.  For each thought and action, you take to be from your highest guidance and to let go of any ego centric thoughts, reactions, and behaviours.  By letting go you connect to your higher voice and you speak only your truth with compassion, love, ease, and grace; bringing love and joy to those you know and meet. Be the voice of your Divine IAM.

Archangel Michael Sound Journey Meditation

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