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Kathy and Scott have been asked to hold the frequency of 144 and Divine love throughout as Archangel Raphael infuses energy into this CD/MP3. This is so you are surrounded by love and held in the Divine frequency as you connect and align with these qualities.


Please find a comfortable place to sit or lay; relax and enjoy.


This CD/MP3 has been infused with the warmth of Archangel Raphael. Through the connection to Archangel Raphael you are opened to the abundance of the universe.


As you immerse yourself in this energy you are connected to Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael offer you the opening to release any karma and to walk forward onto your Dharmic pathway, accessing the abundance set aside for you. This is your Divine Abundance and is limitless for your highest good.  Through this process you are asked to let go of any ego created concepts, resistance and control that holds you in the 3rd dimensional ego matrix and allow Archangel Raphael to bring forth healing to support you to align more firmly with your Divine Blueprint; shining your Divine IAM light brightly.


As you relax into this CD/MP3 let go and immerse yourself in the wonderful emerald green light.

Archangel Raphael Sound Journey Meditation

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